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Apogee Mini Me Stereo PreAmp / Analog-to-Digital Converter

Apogee Mini Me Stereo USB Mic/Instrument Preamp
Apogee Mini Me Stereo PreAmp / Analog-to-Digital Converter

The Apogee Mini Me is a stereo microphone preamp and high resolution Analog to Digital Converter that outputs to USB, AES, and S/PDIF digital outputs. It can be used for professional and home studios as well as video post. It can also be used for remote recording using battery power.

It can be run at up to 96 kHz sample rate and is capable of being run at 44.1k, 48k, 88.2k, and 96k. It can output at 16 or 20-bits at 44.1 kHz and 48 kHz sample rates. If you are recording at 24-bits on the Mini-Me and are recording into your computer at 16-bits then the unit will apply the UV22HR dithering algorithm to the 24-bit audio before it's converted to 16-bit. I'm not sure if you can turn this off or not. It comes with XLR / TRS combo inputs that are on the back panel. It has phantom power but it's not clear to me if the unit is capable of +48VDC phantom power when using a battery power. Either way the specs are pretty good. It can accept line level inputs as well (guitar instrument). The preamp knows if you are using a TRS (Tip Ring Sleeve) connection or an unbalanced 1/4" guitar type cable. The preamps are the same design as the ones used in the trak2 preamps.

It comes with a feature called "Push It (tm)" which will run the audio from the inputs into 3 compressor/limiter curves. This is a stereo linked soft-knee compressor/limiter that depending upon how loud the audio is will determine what curve to use (LINEAR, COMPRESS, LIMIT). You can turn of the COMPRESS curve and just use the LIMIT or disable the feature completely. This also works in tandem with the Apogee Soft Limit. This is really useful for keeping the input at a safe level which works great for recording live or in the field. The Mini-Me can output to USB, S/PDIF, AES, or EBU digital formats. There are USB drivers for Win98SE, ME, 2000, and WinXP. There are also drivers for Mac OS 9.x or 10.x. There are also ASIO drivers available as well. It comes with a 12VDC power supply but can be run using battery power (AC or DC from 6Volts to 16Volts). If you plan on using it with battery power please see the Apogee site or contact Apogee directly.

IMPORTANT NOTE: It has come to Apogee's attention that the Pro Digital cable for the battery powered operation of the Mini-Me is causing intermittent power spikes or, eventually, serious internal damage. Apogee tech support recommends that Mini-Me owners who require power by battery contact Eco Charge (http://www.ecocharge.com).


  • Two Channels High Resolution Analog to Digital Conversion
  • 96kHz Sample Rate and 24-bit Depth Operation
  • Two High Quality Mic Preamps
  • Phantom Power on inputs
  • 90dB gain
  • Both XLR and TRS 1/4" inputs (Accepts unbalanced 1/4" as well)
  • 90dB of gain
  • 117dB of dynamic range
  • AES and S/PDIF digital output
  • Other digital outputs available (ADAT, TDIF)
  • 2 and 8 channels of Digital to Analog Option Available
  • Low Jitter digital audio master clock
  • UV22HR high resolution dithering algorithm
  • Soft Saturate for analog tape compression sound
  • Soft Limit to eliminate digital overshoot/overload
  • Stereo LED metering
  • LCD Display for signal flow and configuration


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