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Fender Champion 600 Amp

Fender Champion 600 Amp
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The Fender Champion 600 is an all tube re-issue amp and was just recently (Jan 2007) re-issued. It's one of their vintage modified series which was first introduced in 1949 and was the 2nd model following the ‘800’. This particular amp was only available from mid ’48 to mid ‘49. Both were considered at the time to be student amps but now are used for recording or practicing. It’s considered one of the ‘Champ’ amps which are still manufactured today. The first Champ models where made with tubes and later the tubes were replaced with solid state electronics. This reissue amp is one of the more simple amps the most basic tube circuit design. There really isn’t anything but pure tone.

There is only a single volume control and two input jacks. When you turn up the volume you get a great overdriven tone but it’s only capable of outputting 5 watts. Because of its low output volume makes it a great recording amp. It’s uses only two tubes a 12AX7 preamp tube and a 6V6 power amp tube, with a solid state rectifier. The original version used a 6SJ7 preamp tube which was changed to a 12AX7 in the mid ‘50s. It also used the 5Y3 rectifier power supply tube. This latest reissue uses a diode rectifier in place of the tube. The rectifier tube converts AC from the wall to DC which is used by the amp to power the tubes. The 6V6 or also called the 7408 is what gives the amp it’s warm round distortion which is very musical and is great for recording. It’s smoother sounding than a 6L6 for comparison.

The 6 inch four ohm speaker is specially designed for the amp and uses ceramic magnets. It sounds excellent and breaks up nicely and even has an external (4 ohm) ¼ speaker jack on the metal chassis. I plugged it into a 2 x 12 cabinet and got some more gain and bass. It really compares to the Epiphone Valve Jr. in tone. If you mic it up just get the mic close enough to pickup the low end frequencies.

It has two ¼ input high impedance inputs one high for more gain and a low input for less distortion. The controls are located on the back of the amp facing the back direction. This lasted until they changed to top mounted design. The original amp didn’t use a circuit board but rather used component to component wiring. The original 800 and 600’s had tweed covering which was later switched to a two tone which is similar to what is on this reissue. Later an 8 inch speaker replaced the 6 inch one and tone controls were added (treble and bass).


  • Low power gets great tone without being too loud
  • Excellent for recording or practice
  • Two inputs (High and Low gain)
  • Simple and pure Circuit Design with a single Volume or Distortion control :)
  • 12AX7 Preamp tube
  • 6V6 Power Tube
  • Solid State Rectifier
  • 5 watts RMS output
  • Single 6 inch four ohm speaker
  • External 1/4 inch Speaker Jack
  • Accurate Two Tone Vinyl Covering
  • Red 'Jewel' pilot light (power light)
  • Weighs 15 pounds


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