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Fender Frontman 25R 2-Channel Guitar Combo Amp

Fender 25R Frontman Series II Guitar Combo

The Frontman 25R is a two-channel solidstate guitar amp designed for the beginner to professional guitarist. It’s small enough to be used for practicing at home yet large enough to be used for small clubs and gigs. It features two footswitchable channels, 25 watts of power, 10 inch speaker, reverb, 3-band EQ, open back speaker enclosure, headphone output, RCA aux input, and vintage blackface styling with silver grille cloth.

It’s one of the more affordable Fender amps. If you want a fender amp but don’t have the cash for one of their tube amps the Frontman series amps are a good choice. This amp is solid-state which makes it lighter-weight and more reliable. You also don’t have to worry about allowing the amp to cool down before moving it. This is a better amp for younger people who don’t always remember such things. As for its sound the amp has a great clean tone and decent distorted tone.

There are two channels, normal and drive. The drive channel has both a gain and volume control. This allows you to overdrive amp. To switch between the channels you press the button located between the Drive channel’s gain and volume knob. This actually switches between the normal and drive channels. You can also switch between channels using the optional footswitch. The Drive Select button has to be in the out position for the footswitch to work.

The 3-Band EQ is versatile and useful. For metal you can turn down the middle and bring up the bass and treble. Or boost the middle for more gain. The reverb is a spring reverb which sounds great for blues. There’s even a AUX input with RCA jacks. This way you can connect your CD, Tape, or MP3 player to the Frontman 25R. To adjust the volume the player should have its own volume control.

The power amp is also solidstate and has 25-watts of power. The speaker is a specially designed 10 inch speaker with an open-back enclosure. The open-back enclosure makes the sound less directional while giving a looser bass tone.

It comes with a vintage looking blackface panel. This is reminiscent of the earlier pre-CBS days. The black textured vinyl covering just like on their tube amps. The knobs are skirted and a silver grille cloth says Fender. There’s also metal corners to make it road worthy.


  • 2 Switchable Channels
  • 25-Watts of Power
  • 10 inch Speaker
  • Reverb
  • 3-Band EQ
  • Headphone Jack
  • Auxilliary Input for CD or MP3 player
  • Remote Channel Switching with Optional Footswitch
  • Open Back Enclosure
  • Blackface Styling with Silver Grille Cloth


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