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Fender American Telecaster with Original '52 Body Radius

Fender American Telecaster Electric Guitar Black Rosewood Fretboard
Fender American Telecaster
Fender Standard Precision Bass
Fender American Precision Bass
The Fender Precision Bass is the standard Mexican made 4-string. The body is made of alder with an original contoured shape that has made this bass guitar a ledged. The all maple neck uses the standard fender machine heads and comes with a rosewood fingerboard. The 34" scale neck has a 20 Medium Jumbo frets and a 9.5" radius with the Modern style "C" shape.

The Fender Telecaster American Made is a one based upon user feedback to make the guitar as best sounding and playing as possible. This version of the tele has the original body radius from the ‘52 Style Body Radius which is sharper. It also has a parchment colored pickguard as well as staggered machine heads (tuners) which have more of an angle over the nut which results in better tuning. This version of the guitar was introduced in mid 2000.

The body has the original contour and is made of a solid piece of non-veneered alder or ash. This gives the guitar more resonance and tone. The bridge is an American Tele with 6 stainless steel saddles. Each string is wired through the back side of the guitar body. The original tele bridge used a bar in which the strings were 'top loaded' through the back of the bridge instead of from the back side. The original tele bridges where either brass or steel 'barrel' types where two strings shared a saddle or groove on the barrel.

Other refinements are the Micro-Tilt adjustment, which is located on the neck plate (where the neck meets the body). The Micro-Tilt adjustment allows you to move (tilt) the neck via a small shim place between the body and neck. Depending upon the color will determine which type of wood will be used: For Alder bodies you can choose from 3-Color Sunburst, Black, Chrome Red and Vintage White, for Swamp Ash bodies 2-Color Sunburst, Natural Finish. The Ash bodies colors come with Maple fretboards only. The body is then coated with a Polyurethane Finish. The pickguard also has some caveats which allow you to get the 3-Ply Parchment pickguard on the 3-Color Sunburst, 2-Color Sunburst, Black, Natural, and Chrome Red while Black on the Vintage White models. A wide variety of color selections and options.

The 25.5 inch scale length neck is made of maple and has either a Rosewood or Maple fretboard with a 9.5 inch radius. It has 22 Medium Jumbo frets and is finished with satin polyurethane. The American series Fenders also have rolled Fingerboard edges which are silky smooth as compared to say the Squier Strats or Teles. The neck is the more modern 'C' shape which is IMHO easier to play. As mentioned previously the neck has a Micro-Tilt adjustment that's located on the back side of the guitar where the body meets the neck. This adjustment allows you to tilt the neck which will affect the height of stings as well as the guitar's playability. The machine heads are Fender/Schaller deluxe which are die-cast and sealed. They are staggered with more of an angle over the nut which results in better tuning. The Nut Width is 1.6875 inch which is a tiny-bit wider than most necks.

The pickups and electronics consist of two American Tele Single coil pickups at the neck and bridge positions. As standard are the master volume and tone controls with the exception that the tone control is a Master Delta Tone system which includes a high output bridge pickup and no-load tone control This means that the tone control won't lower the output volume when you lower the high frequencies (other than the reduced level because of fewer high frequencies). There's a 3-way pickup selector switch wired in the standard configuration: Bridge, Bridge+Neck, and Neck.


  • Series American Series
  • Ash or Alder Non-Veneered Body
  • Wide Variety of color Polyurethane Finishs
  • Maple or Rosewood Fretboard
  • C shaped Maple Neck
  • 22 Medium Jumbo Frets
  • American Tele® Single-Coil Pickups
  • Delta-Tone Control for no loading of output
  • 3-Position Switch
  • Chrome Hardware
  • 6 Stainless Steel Saddle Bridge
  • 3-Ply Parchment or 3-Ply Black Pickguard
  • Fender/Schaller Deluxe Tuners
  • Includes hardshell case, strap, straplocks, and cable.


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