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Jackson Guitars
8860 E. Chaparral Road, Suite 100
Scottsdale, AZ 85250

Jackson Guitars was started by Grover Jackson in 1978. Grover Jackson also is part owner of Charvel guitars which were made popular by Eddie Van Halen. In the early 1980’s Jackson Guitars became popular when they designed a guitar for Randy Rhoads (Ozzy Guitarist). This guitar is called the “Randy Rhoads” and still made today. It was designed around the Gibson Flying “V” guitar but with a twist. This was one of the first guitars to have the name “ Jackson” as opposed to “Charvel”. The merging of Charvel and Jackson happened in the mid 1980’s. Some of the main differences between the Charvel and Jackson guitars where Charvel guitars where based on the Fender Strat with bolt-on necks while the Jackson guitars had more unique body shapes and had neck-through-body construction.

Jackson guitar body shapes and angled and pointy headstock where a couple of things that really made the guitar stand out. Some of these body designs where very unique and eventually a few body styles remained. Most notably was the SuperStrat which was made popular by the Jackson Soloist. This guitar was one of the first to have a deeper cutaway that allowed access to the upper frets. The early Jackson had a 22 fret neck which later became 24 frets with the deeper cut-a-ways. They also started using a combination of humbucker and single coil pickups. This pickup combination allowed both types of sounds from a single guitar. At this time the locking tremolo came into action. This was a much more heavy duty version of that found on original Stratocasters. Other very popular guitars were the Jackson Dinky.

In 1985 Grover Jackson left the company and has designed guitar for Washburn and others. In the late 1990’s Charvel was sold to Akai. It was later purchased by Fender. Today Jackson is known for High quality guitars especially for the metal crowd. They are now owned by Fender who also owns Charvel.


 Randy Rhoads RR1 Guitar
Jackson Randy Rhoads RR1
The RR1 is a part of the USA Select series. This V-shaped body body guitar is what Randy used on many recordings and live. It's made of Alder and has a flame maple top (on transparent colors) with a neck through body design. This means better sustain and feel.

The RR3 is a lower cost alternative to the Jackson RR1. The main difference is that the neck is bolted on, different pickups. There are some cosmetic and hardware differences but the guitar has a great tone and look.

The RR5 is designed from the original one Randy Rhoads used. This guitar is probably one of the better and more classy looking guitars I've seen. The look reminds me of the "Art Deco" period very stylish and eleagant.

Jackson KE3 Kelly

The KE3 Kelly is made for metal. It gets it's name because of the offset "K"elly body shape. Great guitar for intermediate to professional shedders everywhere. The body of the guitar is made of Alder and has a flame maple top (on transparent colors only).

Jackson KE2 Kelly Shaped Electric Guitar
The KE2 Kelly is a us made 6-string electric with a unique offset "K"elly guitar shape. This particular model is similar to the Marty Friedman signature guitar. Great metal guitar. The body is made of Alder (K shaped) which is shaped to allow the guitarist to access the upper frets easier.

The SL1 Soloist has Mother of Pearl Shark Fin Position Inlays Bound Fingerboard and Headstock Matching Headstocks on Transparent Colors

Jackson SL3 Neck-Thru Construction
The SL3 has Neck-thru construction give it the power to hold notes 'til the cows come home. Two Seymour Duncan single coils and humbucker give it an incredible range of tonal options.

The JS20 has been one of the most popular electric guitars and has been used by many rock/metal/modern guitar players. This version of the Dinky has a Cool and Flashy neck for fiery fast guitar ripping!

The DK2 is made in Japan for Jackson and features two noiseless single-coil pickups and a humbucker as well as ‘Shark Fin’ inlays and a Floyd Rose® Licensed Jackson tremolo bridge.

 SLSMG Flametop
This version of the SLSMG comes with a Flame Maple top and has a very chunky sound with solid sustain. The SLSMG's body is made of Mahogany.

The JS1 is Jackson's most affordable Dinky. It is apart of their JS series guitars which are lower cost versions. This is a great beginners guitar that features two humbucker pickups and tremolo.

Jackson DKMG with Arched Top Body
The DKMG features a sculpted archtop body with flame maple top on the transparent finishes. It also features an EMG high output humbuckers used by many famous guitarists as well as a Floyd Rose Pro Tremolo.

Jackson DKMGT with EMG Humbuckers
The DKMGT features two EMG humbucker pickups, flame maple veneer on transparent colors, and string-through-body tailpiece. The main difference between this guitar and the DKMG Dinky is this one uses the string-through-body tailpiece while the DKMG has a Floyd Rose tremolo.

The SLSMG is a neck-thru-body design which accentuates harmonics, and sustain. Contoured arched-top body is slimmer for comfort and sharp appearance.