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Laney Amplification has been creating classic british amplifiers for years. In the many years of manufacturing they have made a vast number of different models using many materials and techniques. Most Currently they've made signature amps for Tony Iommi. They have consistantly designed guitar amps that are easy to use so you don't have to think about the amp when you're right in the middle of creating something.


Laney GH100TI Tony Iommi Signature Head
Laney GH100TI Tony Iommi
The Laney GH100TI is a 100 watt all tube designed to the specifications from Tony Iommi (Black Sabbath Guitar Ledgend). This amp is a monster and is instrumental in helping acheive the Sabbath Sound. Tony uses this amplifier exclusively on stage and on the current concert tour.

Laney GH100L 100W Tube Lead Head
The GH100L is a guitar amplifier head that has 100 watts of power and are signle channel. They are designed to work with the Laney GS412L speaker cabinets. This is high quality amp made for the demanding professional. It can be used for anything from country to Metal.

Laney MXD120-Twin Hardcore
The Hardcore MXD120 Twin is a two channel solid state amp that uses Digital Signal Processor to very closely emulate tube amps and distortion that tube amps can't readley create. It has 120 watts rms and two 12" Celestion Speakers. It has two channels with independant 3-band EQ for each channel. There is a Clean Volume control, Master volume and Crunch (Distortion) Factor controls which let you dialin the amount of distortion.

Laney VC15-110 15W Tube Guitar  Amp
The VC15 is a two-channel 15 watt all tube guitar amp. It features class A/B operation, Jensen C10Q8 speaker, FX Loop, High and Low Gain Inputs, Spring Reverb, Foot switchable channels and reverb, 3 band EQ, Tone control and Bright Switch.