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Laney GH100TI Tony Iommi

Laney GH100TI
Laney GH100TI Tony Iommi

Gibson SG Tony Iommi
Gibson SG Tony Iommi

Epiphone Tony Iommi Signature G-400 Guitar
Tony Iommi Epiphone SG

The Laney GH100TI is a 100 watt all tube that has been designed to the specifications from Tony Iommi (Black Sabbath Guitar Ledged). This amp is a monster and is instrumental in helping achieve the Sabbath Sound. Tony uses this amplifier exclusively on stage and on the current concert tour. This is a Heavy Metal Guitar Amp designed to work with the Laney GS412LA and GS412LS cabinets with Celestion guitar amp speakers.

This is a single channel amp that has both HI and LO input impedance inputs. It uses five Premium ECC83 preamp tubes that are gain staged for a real overdriven sound. It also has a 3-band EQ with Low, Middle, and High frequency controls. The amp puts out 100 watts RMS using four EL34 power amp tubes CLASS A/B with power. Laney has equipped this amp with a variable bias so you can adjust the bias of the tubes if you change manufacturers.

The preamp stage has been toughly modified for high gain and sustain. It was name the GH100TI where the TI means Tony Iommi. It was created using the GH100S amp as a base. The "S" means Stadium and was made for huge live gigs. Tony also used the GH100L (L = Ledged) in the studio because it is a bit more versatile than that of the TI version. The GH100L has two input channels, clean and distortion. This amp was made for metal all the way. The speakers that Tony uses are the older type HH drivers. The GH100TI can connect to speakers that are 1x16 ohms, 2x16 ohms, 1x8 ohms, and 2x8 ohms.

You can connect your effects via the built-in effects loop that can be used in INSERT or SIDE CHAIN modes. It also has a return level control. It also has a Presence Switch that helps to keep space cadet guitarist in the current time, Bright Switch adds high frequencies to sound and a Bass Switch - This adds more guts and low end to the guitar sound.

There is a 1/4" line jack slave so you can link together a number of amps via the Laney LINK JACKS. This is great for big Gigs where you need more than a single amp. . This is great for adding a different sound. For instance you could take the line out and mix it along with the microphone that is used to mic the amp. A blend of these two can lead to a wider variety of sound possibilities.


  • Five ECC83 Preamp Tubes
  • Four EL34 Power Output Tubes
  • 100 Watts RMS
  • Designed for Laney GL speaker cabinets
  • Variable Bias Adjustment
  • Single Channel
  • 3-band EQ
  • Effects Loop


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