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Stereo Tools VST Plug-in
Kelly Industries Stereo Tools  VST Plug-in

Download the version of the Stereo Tools Plug-in (PC) :

Stereo Tools VST Plug-in Zip

The Stereo Tools Plug-in for Steinberg Nuendo and Cubase and other VST applications (Premiere Pro)

The Stereo Tools VST Plug-in is a simple to use utility plug-in that allows you to pan or position both the left and right channels independently of one another. This is a 2 input and 2 output plug-in. It works well for stereo files that you don't want to have to convert to mono or if you want to fix a problem with the stereo file. For instance with the Stereo Tools plug-in you can MUTE one side of the file and then pan or position the other side to the center. You can then pan this file using the Nuendo or Cubase panner. You can also use the plug-in to remove the center information (voice remover), as well as sum both the left and right channels together. You can also work with files in the Mid/Side format.

NOTE: You can automate each control though the volumes and pan controls do not have ramp or zero-detection so there may be some noise generated. They are automated so you can change settings.

Volume Controls
The Volume Sliders will allow you to adjust the amplitude of a single channel. It has a range of -96 dB to +6 dB. If you select the GANG VOLUMES button both the Left and Right Volumes will move together.

The Pan Controls
The Pan Sliders will allow you to adjust the position of each channel in the stereo file. It uses CONSTANT POWER panning which can go over 0dB if you pan both the left and the right channels to the same position. If you select the GANG PAN then both the Left and Right Channels will be panned to the same position.

The Mute Buttons
The Mute buttons will when pressed mute the selected stereo channel.

The Invert Buttons (+/-)
The Invert Buttons allow you to invert the polarity of an audio channel. This is great for removing the center information or for fixing a channel that has been inverted.

The Swap Channels Button
The Swap Channels button just swaps the left and right channels.

The Gang Volume Button
The Gang Volumes button will link the left and right volume silders together.

The Gang Pan Button
The Gang Pan button will link the left and right pan silders together.

The Mono Button
The Mono button will when pressed add the left and right channels together. Before the they are added together each channel's gain is adjusted (see Volume Controls). Then both tracks are added together. The Invert and Mid/Side functions occur after they are added together as does the pan position of each channel.

The Mid/Side Button
The Mid/Side buttons allow you to work with stereo audio fles that have been
encoded in the Mid-Side format. The formula is very simple: